James Conway

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I am a lecturer at UC Berkeley, interested in topology and geometry, specifically contact and symplectic geometry. Pronouns: he/him/his.

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E-Mail: myfirstname (at) thisdomainname.com
Berkeley E-Mail: conway (at) berkeley.edu


  1. Classification of tight contact structures on surgeries on the figure-eight knot
  2. Contact surgery and symplectic caps
  3. Mazur-type manifolds with \(L\)-space boundary
  4. Symplectic fillings, contact surgeries, and Lagrangian disks
  5. Tight Contact Structures via Admissible Transverse Surgery
  6. Contact Surgeries on the Legendrian Figure-Eight Knot
  7. Overtwisted Positive Contact Surgeries
  8. Transverse Surgery on Knots in Contact 3-Manifolds
  9. Tight Planar Contact Manifolds with Vanishing Heegaard Floer Contact Invariants


In Summer 2020, I am teaching Math 113: Introduction to Abstract Algebra.

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UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics
Georgia Tech Department of Mathematics
University of Cambridge Department of Mathematics
Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics