Math 104 (Section 1), Spring 2017

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DSP students should speak to the instructor as soon as possible, even if you don't have a letter yet.
Guidelines on what to do if you think you may have a conflict between this class and your extracurricular activities. In particular, you must speak to the instructor before the end of the second week of classes.
Academic honesty in mathematics courses: A statement on cheating and plagiarism, courtesy of Michael Hutchings.
How to get an A in this class, courtesy of Kathryn Mann.


The required text for this course is Elementary Analysis (Second Edition) by Kenneth Ross. You can download a copy of this book for free on campus through the UC library (if that link doesn't work, just search for the book at We will also learn some sections from Basic Analysis by Jiří Lebl, which can be found here.

Homework, Readings, etc.

(will be updated throughout the course)

Week 1 --- January 17 and 19: Introduction to the Class Reading: Basic Analysis (Lebl), sections 0.3.1-3 Reading (Optional): Believe It, Then Don't: Toward a Pedagogy of Discomfort Reference: Notes on Induction (from George Bergman) Notation: Click here for a rundown of mathematical notation and some terminology (from George Bergman)
Week 2 --- January 24 and 26: The real numbers, completeness Reading: Ross, sections 3 and 4 Homework 1, due January 31: Click here
Week 3 --- January 31 and February 2: Infinity, Sequences, and Limits Reading: Ross, sections 5 and 7 - 9 Reading (optional): Hilbert's Hotel (by Ian Stewart; short version of his entertaining New Scientist article) Reading (optional): Extended real number line (from Wikipedia; for interest) Homework 2, due February 7: Click here
Week 4 --- February 7 and 9: Monotone Sequences and Subsequences Reading: Ross, sections 10 and 11 Reading (optional): Ross, section 12 (we'll skip this, but it might help with your understanding of lim inf and lim sup) Homework 3, due February 14: Click here (typo corrected in 4a)
Week 5 --- February 14 and 16: Series Reading: Ross, sections 14 and 15 No homework this week!
Week 6 --- February 21 and 23: Midterm 1 and Functions Tuesday, February 21: Midterm 1 Material: Ross, Sections 1, 3-5, 7-11, 14-15 (except what we didn't cover in class) Study Guide/Questions: Click here Reading: Ross, section 17 Homework 4, due February 28: Click here
Week 7 --- February 28 and March 2: (Uniformly) Continuous Functions Reading: Ross, sections 18 and 19 Homework 5, due March 7: Click here
Week 8 --- March 7 and 9: Sequences of Functions Reading: Ross, section 24 Experience: google "geogebra" and various topics from the course, and play with the applets Homework 6, due March 14: Click here (edited)
Week 9 --- March 14 and 16: Power Series and Uniform Convergence Reading: Ross, sections 23 and 25 No homework this week!
Week 10 --- March 21 and 23: Review and Midterm 2 Thursday, March 23: Midterm 2 Material: Ross, Sections 17-20, 23-25 (except what we didn't cover in class) Study Guide/Questions: Click here Optional Homework, due April 4: Click here
Week 11 --- April 4 and 6: Differentiation Reading: Ross, sections 28 and 29 Homework, due April 13: Click here (note due date!)
Week 12 --- April 11 and 13: Differentiation and Integration Reading: Ross, sections 31 (only up to page 258) and 32 Homework, due April 20: Click here (note due date!)
Week 13 --- April 18 and 20: Integration Reading: Ross, sections 33 and 34 Homework, due April 27: Click here (note due date!)
Week 14 --- April 25 and 27: Metric Spaces Reading: selections from Ross, sections 13, 21, and 22
Week 15 --- May 2 and 4: Review Tuesday: No class! Thursday: Review for final
Week 16 --- May 11: Final Thursday, May 11: Final Time: 8:10 - 11:00 Location: Hearst Mining 310 Study Guide/Questions: Click here